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There is always the possiblity of misuse in any walk of life and chat services are no different to any other.

For singles who want to meet new people, Date Hookup is the top choice!And unfortunately, this type of reaction is all too common. Why do we hang in there, remaining silent on what we’re observing, while we’re pretzeling ourselves around to be whatever we think we need to be to get him (and the relationship) back the way it was?Because when he starts pulling away from us, it brings out every abandonment issue we’ve ever had, and leaves us desperately trying to turn things around by pulling out all the stops and becoming everything we think he wants us to be. And the worst part is, in reality, it only has the opposite effect – it brings the relationship crashing down even faster than before.Your details are never visible to other 101 members or made available to any other companies or organisations GUARANTEED!If you're worried about the recent publicity surounding online chat (the recent closure of msn chat) then read our online singles chat safety guide.

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